Health department warns of increasing bat activity

Bats are more active this time of year, which means the possibility of exposure to rabies increases. 

Bats are the most common way Michigan residents come in contact with rabies, which can spread to people and pets through an infected animal’s bites or scratches.

Bats are the species most frequently found with rabies in Michigan, according to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

“While rabies can be deadly, it is a preventable disease,” said Health Department of Northwest Michigan Medical Director Dr. Joshua Meyerson. “We encourage residents to be prepared with knowledge of how they can avoid contact with and manage a bat in their house, garage, barn or other structure.”

Here is some quick information:

  • People and domestic animals should avoid contact with bats. Any direct contact should be considered a possible exposure to rabies.
  • Other possible exposures can include finding a bat in the same room as a person who may not be aware that contact has occurred, such as a sleeping person, a child, or someone who is mentally impaired or intoxicated.

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