No decision yet on Grant Middle School health clinic

GRANT, Mich. — Before Grant’s School Board meeting even started Tuesday night, a group of parents and community members gathered outside of Grant’s Performing Arts Center announcing their efforts to recall board members Rachel Gort, Sabrina Veltkamp-Block, Richard Vance and Ken Thorne.

“It is my firm belief that the strength of any community lies within active engagement and collaboration of it’s members,” said Megan Writs who spoke about the petition Monday afternoon. “The recall process serves as a powerful tool to exercise our collective voice.” 

All four voted to end the contract of Family Health Care operating at Grant Middle School in June. 

This came after some in the Grant Schools community raised concerns about a student-made mural inside the center last year.

Since then, there has been a ticking clock on how long the health care center will be able to operate with their last contract ending on Oct. 6.

Julie Tatko is the CEO of Family Health Care in Newaygo County. She says the current contract negotiations with Grant Schools makes the future unclear. 

“Some of those have the opportunity to improve our contract, they address issues of school safety and security, as well as how we can help the school be in alignment of their own requirements, but we need to make sure that the revisions that are being proposed meet the program and legal requirements in order to run a health center,” said Tatko. 

The clinic was not on the agenda for tonights school board meetin but dozens expressed their leadership concerns during public comment.

Despite negotiations for a new contract are still ongoing, some in Grant still voiced their opinion of the current board.

“The four of you are messing with my grandchildren’s health,” said one concerned community member. “Where am I going to take them? Where? Tell Me? What doctor is prepared to take them today if they have an emergency?” 

However, one person during the meeting did offer her support for the board.

“Just know you do have support, there is a quite group of people, and you are not alone,” said another community member. 

Those leading the recall efforts said that there will be a meeting on Tuesday morning at 9:00 a.m. at the county clerks office in White Cloud.

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