Revolutionizing Mental Health in Tacoma: Mindful Health Solutions Opens Doors

TACOMA, Wash. —

Mindful Health Solutions, a leading provider of interventional psychiatry and other mental health services, celebrates the opening of its newest clinic in Tacoma, Washington. After launching their first Pacific Northwest clinic in Seattle last fall, this location marks their first step in bringing effective mental health treatments to the South Sound region. 

Dr. Tobias Marton, Chief Medical Officer of MHS, shared his thoughts on the new Tacoma location. He stated, “For over a decade, Mindful Health Solutions has been committed to increasing access to mental health services in the communities we serve. We’re excited to expand our care into Tacoma and throughout Washington. Doing so allows us to support families through a diverse array of services focused on improving our patients’ health and well-being.”

Located in the heart of the “City of Destiny”, this clinic offers in-person services of medication management and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) as well as telepsychiatry for patients unable to visit the clinic. All of these services are now available for scheduling. 

The dedicated and skilled psychiatrists and clinicians at Mindful Health Solutions work tirelessly to ensure that each patient who walks through the door of their new Tacoma mental health clinic is treated with respect and compassion. Their mission is to transform suffering so every person can live a joyful life. To reach this mission, they use the most innovative, effective, non-invasive, and evidence-based therapies possible to offer comprehensive treatment plans for depression, anxiety, OCD, ADHD, and bipolar disorder. 

What sets Mindful Health Solutions apart from other psychiatric service providers is their integrative approach to personalized treatment plans. Their Tacoma clinicians will first consult with patients to provide them with an individualized plan, often including medication management. However, if medication alone is not working for the patient, the clinician and patient will collaborate on the next steps and may incorporate innovative psychiatric treatments, such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). TMS is an effective alternative to antidepressants, which is especially helpful for patients struggling with treatment-resistant depression and backed by years of positive patient outcome data.

Mindful Health Solutions emphasizes the importance of patient-centered care and understands that one size does not fit all when it comes to mental health treatment. Patients respond well to the dynamic spectrum of treatment services Mindful Health Solutions offers. Mindful Health Solutions also wants to make treatment comfortable and accessible. If patients are unable to physically come into the clinic or prefer a virtual appointment, they offer telepsychiatry, allowing patients to get care from wherever they are in the state. And last but not least, they accept most major insurances.

Mindful Health Solutions is excited about this new chapter, as it represents their latest effort in bringing their innovative mental health and interventional psychiatric services throughout the state of Washington.  

If you’re looking for mental health support, please contact their Tacoma Clinic today by calling (844) 867-8444. 


Mindful Health Solutions is one of the nation’s leading providers of innovative behavioral health care with a focus on emerging psychedelic research, precision medicine, and cutting-edge treatment protocols such as TMS, Esketamine, and IV Ketamine for patients struggling with treatment-resistant depression and other psychiatric illnesses. We founded one of the first TMS-focused clinics in the US and have deep expertise in the field of non-invasive brain stimulation. We then went on to establish one of the first clinics to provide Esketamine (Spravato) therapy at scale, and recently incorporated IV Ketamine into our depression treatment pathway.

Patients at Mindful Health Solutions have access to true thought leaders in the field focused on bringing academic rigor and years of experience with novel therapeutics to an integrated treatment strategy. We are currently leaning into the promise of psychedelic therapies for depression and PTSD as well as leveraging our extensive clinical outcomes repository to develop predictive algorithms that will help guide our clinicians in selecting the best treatment modality for their patients.

We have grown to 24 outpatient clinics located in California, Georgia, Texas, and Washington and continue to expand our innovative, precision-medicine platform into new markets.

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