What are healthy fats? Here’s which types offer you the most benefit.

Fat has had quite the parley in dietary discussion spaces – the low-fat movement starting in the 1980s told us we should eliminate fat, while high-fat diets like keto tell us the opposite. 

How do you know where the answers lie? The reality is, fat is engrained in American diets. It’s in the oil we use in the pan, the fish we cook, the vegetables we eat (think avocado). It’s also an essential part of a healthy diet and is crucial for energy, cell function, hormone production and nutrient absorption.

What are the healthiest fats?

Not all fats are created equal, says registered dietitian Chris Mohr, but overall fat is essential to our diet. According to Mohr, the “healthiest” fat is one we need but often don’t get enough of – omega-3s.

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